Rum Special Reserve El Dorado 21 Anni


El Dorado Demerara






21 years




Alcohol 43%

Rum El Dorado 21 years: why choose it

Rum special reserve El Dorado 21 Years, represents one of the expressions of excellence of the Demerara distillery, already active in 1770 in Guyana. Demerara represents the heir of the great rum tradition of the country and since 1992 with the brand El Dorado has become the only producer, bringing with him all the culture of rum della Guyana, like the ancient wooden stills used since 1730. The starting point is naturally sugar cane, which is considered among the best in the world, grown along the Demerara river in an uncontaminated area of ​​great environmental value. Taste the Demerara Rum 21 years old "Special Reserve" is an extraordinary experience: despite being one of the the distillery's most expensive rums, has an excellent quality / price ratio, given the absolute quality of the distillate.

Features Ron Special Reserve El Dorado 21 years

It is a blend of rum, aged in oak barrels for at least 21 years, so the age of this rum refers to the youngest used, the oldest probably even reaches 25 years of aging. The variety of processing methods, with the use of 12 types of stills, from the more traditional in wood to the more modern ones in steel allows El Dorado to produce this union between different souls of rum. The operation is masterfully orchestrated by the distillery's master blender, that is the one who supervises the aging in cask, creating the ideal combination between the distillates. The result is that of a very, very elegant rum, with olfactory and palate sensations rich in great intensity

Analyzing its appearance, we note the intense, dark color of this rum, which recalls the tones of bronze. The nose shows caramel, with notes of honey, then tropical fruit and spices, complex but not predominant. On the palate it is very dense, full-bodied, with caramel which is accompanied by notes of wood. Other distinctive notes are spices, ripe fruit, and coffee with dark chocolate; it remembers in some ways the Riserva Special 15 years, but here the flavor has even more intensity. The finish, which never seems to arrive, underlines a persistence that enhances its great quality.

Rum Distillery Special Reserve El Dorado 21 years old

With the creation of the El Dorado brand, the Demerara distillery has completed a process that led to the unification of all the distilleries present on the territory of Guyana. A long process, which however did not lead to exclusions, but an inclusion of all the knowledge and tradition of this territory, which is still partly uncontaminated. Demerara thus became the heir to the Port Morant Estate, the first distillery on the island in 1732, even using the original wooden stills of the '700, as well as other historic distilleries such as Versailles, Enmore and Diamond Coffey. Respecting history and tradition Demerara El Dorado continues to use the production methods and techniques of the past, creating in addition to the blend of rums such as the Special Reserve 21 Years, other rums that come from a single distiller such as Port Morant, a cult object of many rum aficionados.

Where to buy El Dorado 12 years

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