How to drink rum

How to drink rum

How to taste rum

Rum, an alcoholic distillate derived from sugar cane, lends itself to be consumed and enjoyed alone or as a base for numerous cocktails. For Rum lovers, its tasting passes through a careful selection of steps. First of all you need to use the right glass which can be crystal or crystal glass in order to enhance the flavor as much as possible. This glass must be of the right size in order to hold the correct amount of liquor.

It is also important to warm the glass slightly in your hands so as not to collide with the temperature of the distillate that will be placed inside. At this point you can decide whether taste the rum with a couple of ice cubes or straight according to your taste. To get your tongue used to the intense flavor of rum, you can initially drink a small sip and only then enjoy it completely and completely. If you want to keep the distillate fresher it is important not to heat the glass too much or use one with a long stem to better preserve its taste and smell. Perfect are the snifter glasses, in thin glass and with rounded stem and body.

How do you recognize a good rum

Rum when it is of quality and therefore good can be recognized on the fly, but there are still some elements to understand if a distillate is of excellent workmanship or not. In fact who is an expert on rum tasting he knows that the experience one lives when tasting this liqueur involves several senses. First you have to use the view for steal the viscosity of rum.

The droplets that remain on the walls of the glass, also called tears, indicate the viscosity of the liquor. In fact, the denser they are and the more they slide slowly on the glass, the more the rum will be aged and therefore of quality. Another factor to consider is the color that is given by aging inside the barrels, but it is often not significant as many producers add caramel to give a more amber color to the liqueur. As a second sense we use the sense of smell that allows us to understand in which and how many barrels it is rum was distilled and with what qualities of sugar cane it was produced. In fact, in most cases, thedistillation takes place in a single barrel, most often of American oak, this gives the liqueur a hint of vanilla as happens for bourbon and whiskey.

Sometimes in the last 7-8 months the distillate is passed into a second barrel to give it complexity and more precious notes of smell and flavor. Up to 5 types of barrels can be used for the finest rums and more elaborate ones that have really complicated and refined notes and smells inside them. Finally, the taste is used when the liqueur is tasted. The intensity that is perceived through the language changes from person to person because each of us feels the flavors differently. The part front of the tongue will capture the sweet flavors of the rum, while the central one will catch the more bitter ones and this contrast will allow to feel a round and well balanced taste in the mouth.

With what to taste rum

In addition to the inflated pear juice, rum goes well with dark chocolate, as long as both the rum and the chocolate are of good quality. In fact the contrast that rum and dark chocolate leave in the mouth ensure that both flavors are enhanced and more perceived by the tongue.

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