Rum Matusalem Grand Reserve 23 Years

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Cuba / Dominican Republic


23 years




Alcohol 40%

Why choose Rum Matusalem Gran Riserva 23 years

When in 1872 three Spanish partners created the distillery in Cuba, they decided to call it Matusalem to link it to the concept of aging recalled by the biblical character who lived 969 years. The idea was to free the reputation of rum, until now seen as a raw and cheap distillate, the “pirate whiskey”, creating a refined and complex distillate.

Operation perfectly successful with the Rum Methuselah Great Reserve 23 Years, which maintains the Cuban tradition, made up of low alcohol content and great drinkability. Despite these characteristics we are facing a very prestigious rum and considered by many to be among the best rums, thanks to the olfactory complexity and the palate, which makes it ideal to be tasted neat or at most with an ice cube, to fully appreciate its qualities. The classic bottle to open on special occasions and an excellent rum to give as a gift.

Features Ron Matusalem Gran 23 Year Reserve

Distinctive feature of the production of distilleria Mathusalah is the use of the method Solera for the aging of their rums. Also in this case the aging method is respected, with a process called di "Dynamic aging" of at least 23 years, which involves mixing the rums in barrels that are decanted annually in order to give great complexity and harmony to the distillate. The barrels, a fundamental element in the creation of rum Matusalem, have always been selected by the "Mastro Ronero di Santiago", the distillery's greatest rum expert, traditionally belonging to the family of the founders.

These are slightly charred barrels that characterize the flavor of the rum from Cuba. The color has a note of dark amber illuminated by golden reflections. The nose is very rich, very intense, with notes of caramel, honey, vanilla that give great overall sweetness, enriched by notes of dried fruit and light toasting. On the palate it is enveloping and delicate with evident notes of tobacco, sweetened by dried fruit and a clotted note. The persistence is excellent with notes of dried almonds, honey and tobacco.

Rum Distillery Matusalem Gran 23 Year Reserve

The birth and golden age of the Matusalem distillery has Cuban origins, precisely in Santiago de Cuba city ​​of its foundation in 1872. It was created by two Spanish brothers, the Camps and Evaristo Alvarez, with the aim of producing a rum worthy of the great spirits of the land of origin such as Sherry and Brandy. The choice of the Solera aging technique, already used in Jerez, which would have made Matusalem rums famous all over the world.

The golden age, the first major international success of Matusalem dates back to between 1930 and 1950, years in which the charm of Cuba and its nightlife led a large number of Americans to stay or even move to the island , including Ernest Hemingway, a great lover of rum and cocktails like the Mojito and Daiquiri.

Legend has it that his favorite rum was Matusalem, surely we know that at the time it was the most famous rum on the island. This fantastic age was abruptly interrupted towards the end of the 50s by the Castro revolution, which forced the owners to find a new production site, located in the Dominican Republic, very similar to Cuba due to the ideal climate for the production of sugar cane. . The heirs also brought with them all their knowledge on aging techniques: the result, in terms of characteristics and drinkability, is that of a rum produced in Santo Domingo that perpetuates the great Cuban tradition.

Where to buy Matusalem 23 Years

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