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Rum Kraken: why choose it

Rum Kraken represents a novelty in the world of sugar cane distillates, in fact, it was only introduced on the market in 2010. The choice of the Proximo Spirits distillery rum producer prod Kraken, was that of create a rum that became part of the spiced rum typology, which in recent years is gaining a good space especially among the youngest. Il rum Kraken it is certainly a distillate with spicy notes that makes it very original, but very different from the traditional rums on the market and is characterized by a marked predisposition to be used in cocktails such as Cracking Cola, in which the spicy notes often represent an added value.

The Kraken is a giant squid, a legendary beast that according to the beautiful video on the web attacked a ship loaded with rum from the Caribbean bound for Norway, killing all the crew. Only a rum barrel stained with black ink from the squid survived, which came to the Queen of Norway, who in honor of the dead sailors decided to produce a rum with a black color.

Characteristics Rum Kraken

A rum with a very dark almost black color, to be tasted preferably in cocktails that enhance its spicy complexity and high alcohol content. On the nose, notes of caramel and vanilla stand out together with licorice and ginger. On the palate still vanilla and caramel, with accentuated notes of carnation flowers, ginger and mint. A vigorous rum, certainly original, in which the spices - 11 declared by the manufacturer including cinnamon, ginger and cloves - are the masters, creating a complex flavor, but far from the rounder rums on the palate such as the Cuban rums.

The base is a sugar cane molasses rum from Trinidad and Tobago and therefore it is originally a caribbean rum. Surely the originality of the Kraken rum is already declared by the bottle, which is characterized by the two Victorian-style eyelets, which originally were used to hang the rum bottles and here are used as an aesthetic motif that takes the shape of the eyes of the sea monster . Even the label representing the mythological Kraken stands out for its originality, recalling in many ways reasons typical of the culture linked to the world of tattoos.

Distilleria Rum Kraken

Proximo Spirits, producer of Kraken rum, is a distillery that has differentiated its alcohol production over the years, as its products can include famous brands such as Tequila Jose Cuervo, Bushmills whiskey, Boodles Gin and many others. It proposes itself as a "global innovator of quality spirits that create excitement with every sip" by creating new brands that follow the new trends in spirits.

It was also from this point of view created the Kraken rum, that is to support the market trends that have opened new opportunities for spiced rums until a few years ago relegated to the “younger brothers” of the classic distillates of molasses or sugar cane juice. He recently introduced two other spiced rums on the market called Kraken Dark Label (more vanilla) and Kraken Black Roast (with notes of coffee), which are gaining some success especially in the United States, Australia and the UK. 

Prezzo Rum Kraken

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