Rum Overproof

Rum Overproof

Rum Overproof: what we talk about

A rum with a high alcohol content is defined in the Anglo-Saxon world as Rum Overproof. The minimum BAC that must be achieved by a Rum Overproof is 57,15% vol. But what is the proof that a rum must pass to be defined as overproof? This is the technique used to evaluate the brandies that were provided as compensation to English sailors in the XNUMXth century.

The test consisted in adding brandy to the gunpowder and then trying to ignite the compound: if the test failed, the brandy was too watered down and therefore underproof, if instead the compound ignited the brandy (and in a later period the rum) it was defined as overproof and therefore with an alcohol content above 100 degrees proof the equivalent in the United Kingdom of 57,15% vol.

La alcohol content of rum expressed in proof has disappeared over time in the UK, while in the United States it continues to be accompanied by the volumetric strength, although in this case the US proof corresponds exactly to double the European alcohol volume and therefore 100 proof means 50% vol. In the Anglo-Saxon way and in English-speaking countries such as Jamaica, however, the name of Rum Overproof has remained active to indicate rums with an alcohol content greater than 57,15% vol.

Jamaican Overproof Rums

Jamaica is the best known producer of Overproof rum, originally consumed exclusively by the local population neat or with the addition of water or ice, and then became popular all over the world, often used for "Tiki" rum cocktails such as Mai Tai and Zombie. In most cases the Jamaican overproof rum it is produced with Pot Still stills, which give it an almost oily consistency, perfect for the preparation of cocktails with fruit and juices.

These are rums produced from molasses with a strong presence of esters, which are often proposed in barrel proof, that is to say in the degree of barrel and therefore whose alcohol content is not reduced with the addition of distilled water. Among the major ones Jamaican Overproof rum producers we cannot fail to mention Hampden Estate, one of the oldest distilleries in the world, founded in the Trelawny region in 1753. It is a unique example of a distillery that has maintained the production methods with refined techniques since the XNUMXth century.

Over time it has in fact kept the production area unchanged, the distillation stills and the search for a harmonious relationship with the surrounding environment. Its Pure Single Jamaican Rum Hampden Estate Overproof, recently imported into Italy by Velier, is characterized by inimitable olfactory and palate notes, also the result of seven years of aging in the Caribbean. Despite the 60% alcohol content it can be drunk alone or used in refined cocktails.

Rum Caroni Overproof

The history of Caroni rum in general and that of rum Caroni Overproof in particular it is fascinating and almost surprising. It is a rum that comes from Trinidad, from a factory closed in the 70s by state ownership and discovered by Luca Gargano (among the world's leading rum authorities) in 2004. Inside the factory in a state of neglect, there was a real treasure: thousands of rum barrels, divided by vintages starting from 1974, with rums rich in congeners, which Luca Gargano will decide to bottle and market for a good part barrel proof, creating rums at 77%, 75% and 62 %.

The success of these rum overproof it turned out almost immediately, despite the initial skepticism, creating a real Caronimania with enthusiasts from all over the world ready to challenge each other in real auctions to win these excellent and inimitable heavy rums. It is about very expensive rum high, but once in a lifetime you should try them!

Overproof rum prices

Il rum overproof it has a very variable price, also because it is not necessarily overproof synonymous with aged rum, can also be relatively young like the Jamaican overproof. There are various web shops where to buy the overproof rum at the best price, but we recommend doing it on Amazon. Fast shipping, guaranteed and above all you will never risk losing your money. Payments are always insured and if you do register with Amazon Prime, you can receive these rums directly at your home at the best price on the web and above all without unnecessary shipping costs.

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