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    Room Santa Teresa 1796 Solera

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    Santa Teresa






    4 35-years




    Alcohol 40%

    Why choose Santa Teresa 1796 Solera rum

    The Santa Teresa distillery produces this excellent rum, is the oldest of the Venezuela, as proudly pointed out also on the label that shows the date of foundation. Another element underlined on the label is the production method - the solera -  which unites this rum to many other prestigious spirits, such as the very famous Zacapa. This technique, of Spanish origin and borrowed from the production of Brandy and Sherry, involves the use of a pyramid of barrels, which are filled starting from those placed at the top.

    Annually a share (usually a third) of those placed above is transferred to the lower ones, and the upper ones are filled with new rum. The result of this long and complex work, in this case can lead to blend di rum with a range of vintages that can even go from 4 to 35 years! The result is this excellent rum, with a marked elegance, which when sold in the boxed version also represents an excellent gift.

    Features Ron Santa Teresa 1796 Solera

    The ron Santa Teresa 1796 Solera it is now a point of reference for rum lovers, who appreciate the complexity of the flavor that is combined with an accentuated drinkability. Produced in El Consejo, 80 km from the capital Caracas, it originates from the finest sugar cane, thanks to the ideal climatic conditions in the production area.

    A blend of rum produced using 4 overlapping rows of French Limousine barrels which makes this distillate, aged on average 25 years, a blend of great elegance. A dark honey colored rum, to be tasted preferably smooth to appreciate its complexity. On the nose the predominant notes are caramel, honey, with a hint of wood given by the long aging in cask, finally banana and apples. On the palate, caramel and honey are confirmed, with notes of vanilla and chocolate. A harmonious, persistent rum, with a finish still on vanilla and chocolate notes.

    Distilleria Rum Santa Teresa 1796 Solera

    The oldest distillery in Venezuela is also the one that can boast of having been a company that belonged to the same property, establishing itself on the market for the continuous search for quality. The current owner represents the fifth generation active in this distillery which has been producing rum for more than 200 years, always in the same production plant.

    Attention to the social of the Rum Santa Teresa Distillery is testified by the rehabilitation program for young people with behavioral problems, who are involved in the rugby team created within the production plant. The program began in 2003 by the owner Alberto C. Vollmer following an attempted robbery at the distillery and has now involved more than 2000 young people in difficulty.

    Bumbu is produced in a historic Barbados distillery founded in 1893 and managed continuously up to the present day. Is considered one of the best rum distilleries of the island, which boasts the distinction of being the island where rum was born. The choice that distinguishes the prestigious Bumbu Rum Company is based on the use of natural ingredients, combining the carefully selected sugar cane that comes from sustainable productions of 8 countries, the water of Barbados which, with its high levels of calcium carbonate, favors the fermentation phase.

    Rum is distilled, from the very beginning, using two continuous stills. The production also includes Bumbu XO aged up to 18 years in bourbon barrels and finished in Spanish white oak sherry barrels to obtain a wonderfully balanced rum.

    Where to buy Rum Santa Teresa

    There are various web shops where buy the Rum Santa Teresa 1796 Solera, but we recommend doing it on Amazon. Fast shipping, guaranteed and above all you will never risk losing your money. Payments are always insured and if you do register with Amazon Prime, you can receive this directly at your home Rum at the best price on the web and especially without unnecessary shipping costs.

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