Ambassador Diplomatico Rum








14 years




Alcohol 47%

Ambassador Diplomatico Rum

Ambassador Diplomatico Rum it is a very precious rum, to be tasted smooth, what is usually defined as a meditation rum. The rum is dedicated to Don Juan Nieto Melendez, known as the "Mantuano", a Venezuelan nobleman who inspired the distillery. Lived in 1800, traveler and rum researcher throughout South America, always looking for the best ingredients and production methods, he collected a selection of rum excellences, defined by his friends as "The Ambassador's Reserve".

We are faced with a small masterpiece, one of the best rums on the market, produced by aging the rum in white oak barrels until it reaches perfect maturity (usually in 12 or more years), and then resting another two years in sherry barrels. by Pedro Xim茅nez. The result is the broad and complex sensory profile characteristic of this rum.

Characteristics Diplomatic Ambassador Rum

The ron Ambassador is obtained from a blend of 60 rum, made by a real institution in the world of spirits that is, from Tito Cordero the Mastro Ronero for years collaborator of Diplomat.  The appearance is that of dark amber rum with copper-colored reflections. The sweetness stands out on the nose, reminiscent of that of Port, of vanilla, with hints of dried fruit. Overall, the sensation is one of roundness and pleasantness. On the palate Diplomatic Ambassador is very complex and structured with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, coffee and vanilla, with a hint of wood, almost like a cigar box. Perhaps a real invitation to taste this magnificent rum paired with a quality cigar.

Diplomatic Ambassador Rum Distillery

We definitely talk about one of the best known distilleries in South America, a veritable institution of Venezuela, famous for its enveloping, round and soft rums. The origin and history of the Distilerias Unidas producer of Rum Diplomatico Ambassador has always been located in La Miel, right on the slopes of the Andes, an area naturally devoted to the production of rum, with an ideal climate for the production of sugar cane and with the presence of very pure waters.

What is surprising in this company is the attention, from the very beginning dated 1959, to territorial issues and to those of the sustainability of production, as evidenced in an interview by Tito Cordero "a private company, 100% local, which employs over 600 people in a sustainable way and whose philosophy is to respect the environment by making high quality rum". The distillery, always following its corporate mission, emphasizes on the label that all its rums do not contain food additives such as aromas, dyes or artificial sweeteners, nor products deriving from GMO crops.

Another distinctive feature is the variety of production methods developed over the years, such as i methods of distillation, fermentation and aging that give life to always balanced blends. This is how the five rums of the distillery were born, which despite having different price ranges always rank among the best in their category.

Where to buy Diplomatico Ambassador rum

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