Rum cocktail glasses

Rum cocktail glasses

Rum Cocktail Glasses

For those who like cocktails like us Mojito, Daiquiri, Barracuda, Zombies and dozens of other famous rum cocktails in the world the glass is fundamental, because the shape of the glass itself creates the definitive image of the cocktail. After all, the IBA (the worldwide association of bartenders) also specifies the glass to be used in addition to the ingredients and method of preparing the cocktails. Could we ever imagine a Mojito cocktail served in a goblet glass?

The answer of course is no, but beyond the image, each glass is functional to the type of rum cocktail we want to propose, it being understood that the glass must support the prestigious image associated with cocktails. A good part of the visual, olfactory and palate emotions of an excellent cocktail depend on the glass, however, make sure you use good rum!

The main subdivision we can make in rum cocktail glasses is between stemmed glasses, the most famous being the Martini glass used for the Daiquiri and the stemless ones such as the tall tumbler used as a Mojito glass. The cup lends itself to cocktails shaken and then decanted such as Barracuda, tumblers for cocktails with fruit and ice such as Mojito or Pina Colada.

Rum cocktail glasses: tall tumbler glass for mojito

For cocktails like Mojito the only choice is a glass tall tumbler which thanks to its robustness can accommodate crushed ice, rum and lime without problems. Of course, the robustness of the cocktail glass is essential especially for the so-called "crushed" cocktails, including the Mojito, although to prepare it we advise you to carry out this operation delicately as you can discover in the original recipe. 

Lately, the fashion of the "pounded Cuba Libre" is also spreading, but it does not fall within the classic rum cocktails. The name of the specific cocktail glass is more precisely highball, and given its large capacity around 30 cl. will be able to accommodate even cocktails with fruit, without this emerging on the surface. Below are the rum cocktails that are part of the official IBA list that require the use of the high or highball tumbler:

Cuba Libre

Dark ‘N’ Stormy

Long island iced tea

Mai Thai


Pina Colada (Highball or fancy glass)

Planters Punch

Rum cocktail glasses: martini glass for daiquiris

For cocktails like the Daiquiri, the glass to use is the classic Martini glass, in this case in the 9 cl. version, while the original 6 cl. it has been less used for some time. The shape of the cup is flared and allows you to fully perceive cocktails - such as the Daiquiri - which enhance the quality of the rum, given their simplicity. For this type of cocktail, served without ice, it is essential to place the cocktail glass in the freezer for at least half an hour. Below are the rum cocktails that are part of the official IBA list that require the use of the martini glass or cocktail glass:



Between The Sheets


Hemingway Special

Mary Pickford

Yellow Bird

Rum cocktail glasses: zombie tiki glass

The picturesque deserve a separate discussion Tiki glasses, those associated with the cocktail zombie joined in February 2020 of the Contemporary Classics Cocktails of the IBA and therefore of the list of rum cocktails recognized all over the world like Daiquiri and Mojito. Although it has only recently been recognized, this cocktail has a long history, dating back to the 30s when Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt opened the “Don the Beachcomber” club in Hollywood. The Hollywood stars "Don Beach" served long drinks based on rum, fruit, syrups and spices. The "Tiki" cocktails were born, which were served in long decorated glasses. The Zombie cocktail became part of this newborn category, enjoying immediate success.

Where to buy rum glasses

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