Rum for Mojito: the original recipe

Il Mojito It is one of cocktail a base di rum easier to prepare. Its ingredients, from its inception, were easy to find: white rum, sugar, hierba buena and lime juice. This cocktail has managed to cross the centuries, seducing legendary characters like Hemingway, who loved it madly. Today it is one of the best known and most appreciated cocktails in the world. The mojito is a simple drink, with great balance, given by its ingredients and in particular by the rum that acts as a glue.

How to drink Mojito

The Mojito has a medium alcohol content, with a slight light sensation on the palate. A cocktail with an amazing freshness and for this reason it is drunk very easily in the summer even as an aperitif. Cubans drink it at any time of the day, thanks to its innate freshness. After this brief historical parenthesis you want to learn how to prepare a Rum based mojito like a real bartender? Here is the original Cuban recipe.

Perfect mojito: the ingredients

4 Cl of Cuban white rum

7 leaves of hierba buena or mint

3 cl of lime juice

2 tablespoons of refined white cane sugar



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Cuban mojito

Il Cuban mojito, involves the use of "hierba buena", much more delicate than wild mint, this should not be pounded aggressively, but lightly pressed. In a tumbler, put two teaspoons of white cane sugar and the juice of half a lime. After mixing, add the mint, gently mash everything and stir. Add the ice, the white rum and complete with a splash of soda. 

Warning: the original Cuban recipe for Mojito also includes a touch of Angostura.

Best rum for Mojito

If you use a Cuban rum, this doesn't have to be a important or expensive rum as one from Martinique, it is not worth a waste high quality rum. The cocktail is all about lightness and aromas. Cuban, Barbadian, Haitian, or Trinidadian rums are perfect. Avoid dark rums like Jamaicans or Demerara.

White rum for Mojito

How to Mojito rum original recipe it should be chosen among the white Cuban ones. The most famous and also most easily available white rum for Mojito on the market is the classic Bacardi Carta Blanca. This is not a trivial product, it is instead the white rum used for the original Mojito, which is distilled by the brand that gave birth to this type of rum. Indeed, Facundo Bacardi he decided to make his rum white first by filtering it with charcoal, that is, using a technique already used to bleach cane sugar. Bacardi thanks to its white rum, gave birth in addition to the Mojito, many other cocktails that we still drink today, such as the Bacardi Cocktail.

If you want to stay in Cuba, for your Mojito you will certainly also find other proposals of what is a true classic: the Cuban white rum. Among the many we can suggest the Santiago De Cuba Ron Carta Blanca and the Perla Del Norte Rum Carta Blanca, in addition to the classic Havana Club Anejo 3 Años. These are three rums that, unlike the Bacardi now produced in Puerto Rico, are still distilled in Cuba.   

Dark rum for Mojito

Mojito with dark rum it is a variant of the traditional Cuban recipe, which usually uses white rum in the classic preparation. Use dark rum in Mojito it is a way to make the cocktail tastier and with strong rum notes. While White Mojito Rum is easier to drink, Dark Mojito Rum adds a more vigorous note to this mix of citrus, mint and distillate. But is Mojito with dark rum stronger than the classic Mojito with light rum?

It depends on the type of dark rum you use in the Mojito: if you use Cuban rum such as Bacardi or Havana Club, the Mojito with dark rum will have the same alcohol content as that made with light rum, because almost all Cuban rums have an alcohol content of 40%. The alcohol content of a Mojito with dark rum will be different, for example, made with a product in some former English colonies, where it can easily reach an alcohol content of 50%. However, we recommend using a Cuban distillate for the Mojito with dark rum, to be faithful to the traditional recipe and for the characteristics of this type of rum, which is always very balanced.

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Mojito gradation

The gradation of the Mojito must refer to the original recipe which contemplates the use of Cuban rum, a rum usually defined as "light" due to its limited alcohol content which is around 40% Alc. In this case, the alcohol content of a Mojito is 13 °. Being a drink that can be drunk as a cocktail after dinner or as an aperitif, you can choose the alcohol content of the rum and consequently the alcohol content of the Mojito depending on the moment in which you serve a Mojito.

We recommend as rum for a Mojito before dinner some light Cuban rums such as Bacardi Carta Blanca or rum always of Cuban origin, such as Santiago De Cuba Ron Carta Blanca or Perla Del Norte Rum Carta Blanca. For more structured white rums to be used for after dinner, you can always turn to the Bacardi brand with its Bacardi Heritage, which can be defined as the real rum for a perfect Mojito. It is in fact the first rum produced by Bacardi precisely in the years in which this timeless cocktail was born.

It has an alcohol content of 44,5 ° and therefore will give your Mojito a higher alcohol content, together with a greater component of floral and fruity aromas. This example serves to understand the fact that there is no single alcoholic strength for Mojito, because it will be proportional to gradation of rum which will be used in the cocktail. In general, the range of gradation that a Mojito can reach fluctuates between 12 ° and 22 °. However, the classic Mojito compared to other cocktails has a limited alcohol content, which can be equated to that of a glass of good wine, only that drinking this cocktail will have a much more refreshing effect!

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