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Rum from Colombia

The alcohol industry in Colombia began between 1784 and 1787, when, according to chronicler José Antonio Benites, the first distillery in Colombia, the Royal Aguardiente Factory in New Granada, was inaugurated. Until a few years ago, in all regions of the country there were distilleries and although many brands have disappeared, their curious names remain in the memory: El Tres Brincos, Cesar; The Double Me; El Paratebueno; and many others.

This is not surprising, just think that Colombia is the third largest producer of sugar cane in the world exporting it all over the world and in particular to Chile, Peru and the United States of America. The production area of ​​the magnificent Colombian sugar cane is that of the Valle del Cauca and is of such importance for the economy that the “Museo de la Cana de Azucar” in Cali has even been dedicated to it.

The development of the rum in Colombia it is quite recent, because the country has a long tradition of the Brandy market and for the fragmentation of the 32 departments that make up Colombia, which act as independent states, placing limits on the development of the local market. Colombia produces excellent rums, but which are more easily purchased and known abroad.

Rum colombiano: dictator ron la storia

Precisely because of the restrictions that exist in Colombia also rum Dictator, the most popular Colombian rum sells 98% of its production outside of Colombian territory. The production land is Cartagena, a Unesco heritage city, famous for its colonial architecture and for being the site of the first sugar cane in South America. The origin of the Colombian Rum distillery Dictator, is traced back to the end of the 700th century when Severo Arango y Ferro, nicknamed “El Dictador”, in charge of maintaining commercial relations between the colonial territories of Colombia and Spain, fell in love with rum and decided that it should be produced in Cartagena.

Colombian society producer of the rum Dictator we know today was founded in 1913 by one of his descendants, Don Julio Arango y Parra. Dictador rum production it still continues in the historical tradition of the Parra family, in the figure of Hernan Parra who represents the third generation of the family and who is also the Mastro Ronero of the distillery. Over the years he has won the esteem and respect of international experts, initially skeptical of Colombian rum, leading him to win prestigious prizes such as the Miami Rum Festival, San Francisco World Spirit Competition, the gold medal at the World Spirit Awards, Tokyo Whiskey and Spirits other world-renowned awards.

Colombian Rum - Dictator Ron the production method

Il rum colombiano Dictador is appreciated by connoisseurs for being a rum distilled from pure sugar cane juice and not molasses, as is the case for a few other rums from South America, since they are mostly rums of Spanish origin, usually produced with cane molasses (a leftover from sugar production). In the use of pure cane juice it is united in these regions by other prestigious rum brands, such as the Venezuelan Diplomatic, and the Guatemalan Zacapa and other rums that are highly regarded by connoisseurs such as Agricultural rums. 

The distillation method is mixed and involves the use of both steel columns and copper stills. For the aging of its rum Dictador can enjoy an ideal microclimate, with a temperature around 25 degrees, and a very high humidity, which on average is 85%. The proximity of the sea also contributes to the particular character of this rum, aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 12 years. The production of this now famous Colombian rum includes:

Rum Dictador 12 years old:

Amber color with reddish color

The nose is intense with hints of caramel, honey, dried fruit and lightly toasted coffee

On the palate the softness and roundness stands out, with flavors of light caramel coffee, cocoa and honey

Rum Dictador 20 years old:

Intense dark amber color, with red tones tending to brown

On the nose the notes of caramel, vanilla, smoked honey, toffee, toasted coffee stand out

On the palate it is very full and round and is confirmed with caramel, vanilla, cocoa and toasted honey

Perpetual XO Dictator Rum:

Intense mahogany brown color with golden reflections

On the nose toasted honey, Colombian coffee, dark chocolate, mature oak

Extremely soft on the palate with, flavors of Colombian coffee, dark chocolate

In addition to these Colombian rums, of excellent quality Dictador also produces series of rum milleimati as the Dictador Hardy rum of 42 years, coming from a single barrel from 1978. Of course it is ron very prestigious, and in a much higher price range. Finally, for those who love the combination of rum cigars, Dictador is a rare example of a company that produces both rum and puros, the famous cigars of Cuban origin.

Other Colombian rums: Parce, ron Medellin and ron viejo de Caldas

The boom of the Colombian rum is continuing over the years, also thanks to rums such as Parce, Ron Medellin and Ron Viejo De Caldas, all of excellent quality and with an international audience more attentive than the internal one, which has also led them to win prestigious prizes such as the "World Spirits Competition ”Of San Francisco. They are rums united by careful production, long aging and respect for the environment. Parce in particular is known for its particular ecological commitment which translates into the promise to plant a native tree in the Colombian rainforest, for every bottle sold. For the moment we are at an altitude of 22.000 trees planted with the slogan “One bottle = One tree”, an exceptional result that has led the Parce distillery to be known in the world even outside of rum.

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