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    Rum El Dorado 15 years

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    El Dorado Demerara






    15 years




    Alcohol 43%

    Rum El Dorado 15 years special reserve: why choose it

    Just by reading the list of stills used for the production of this one rum della Guyana, you can understand the history of the El Dorato rum produced by the Demerara distillery: Port Morant pot still, Versailles wooden pot still, Enmore and Diamond Coffey Still. They all tell the story of rum production in Guyana, which officially began in 1732 with the first official distillery, the Port Morant Estate.

    It is surprising to discover how the rum we can drink today is still produced with the same wooden stills used more than 300 years ago, as well as the number of plants used explains the complexity of this elegant rum. In the years Rum Special Reserve El Dorado 15 Anni has earned a place among the most prestigious rums in the world, winning in 1998, a few years after the birth of the El Dorado brand, the prize of the International Wine & Spirit Competition in London as the best rum in the world.

    Characteristics Ron El Dorado special reserve 15 years

    The 15-year special reserve of El Dorado is the product of a rum blend that can be aged for 25 years. Here, as per tradition El Dorato, the words "15 Years" indicates the youngest rum used in the union of several vintages. We are dealing with a rum with unique characteristics of intensity combined with great balance and elegance, which also surprises for its excellent persistence.

    It is therefore a perfect one rum to taste in moments of relaxation, what is usually referred to as a meditation rum. To appreciate its complexity and elegance to drink absolutely straight. The color of the rum is dark with an intense walnut note. The nose highlights the aromas of coffee and dark chocolate, vanilla, candied orange, almonds. On the palate it has great elegance, gives a silky sensation, with hints of tropical fruit, spices and caramel. The undoubted persistence prolongs the pleasure of tasting this excellent Guyanese rum

    Demerara Distillery El Dorado Rum 15 years

    Since 1998 the Demerara distillery has represented the whole of Guyana in the production of rum. It inherits a history that has its origins in the planting of sugar canes along the Demerara River by Dutch colonists around 1640, continued by the British, who imported the distillation methods in 1650. At the beginning of the 800th century, there were more than 300 sugar producers in Guyana, who distilled molasses in the country's plants.

    From the historic Port Morant to the smallest distillery, all located along the course of the Demerara river, these plants over time were subject to a gradual rationalization, which saw the creation of the brand under the El Dorado brand as the last step. The merit of Demerara El Dorado was to keep the historical brands, such as Enmore, Port Morant and Versailles for the special bottles produced with traditional methods, alongside rums of great elegance such as El Dorado 3 - 5 - 8 - 12 - 15 -21 - 25 years and finally introducing some limited editions of great prestige.

    Where to buy El Dorado 15 years

    There are various web shops where buy the Rum El Dorado 15 years old, but we recommend doing it on Amazon. Fast shipping, guaranteed and above all you will never risk losing your money. Payments are always insured and if you do register with Amazon Prime, you can receive this directly at your home Rum at the best price on the web and especially without unnecessary shipping costs.

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