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Rum Don Papa 10 years

The rum Don Papa 10 years is one of the best rums produced by the Filipino distillery, known above all for the 7-year-old rum which is enjoying great success in Europe too. It is a longer aged rum, prestigious, with a more demanding cost than the 7 year Don Papa, also sold in box and therefore excellent as a gift. Ron Don Papa, as the Spaniards would call him, who at least had the merit of bringing to the Philippines, during the colonial era of the conquistadors, the cultivation of sugar cane and the culture of spirits. Hence the legend of Don Papa rum, which takes its name from "Papa" Isio (Dionisio Magbuelas), who led the Filipino revolution against the Spanish invasion.

Don Papa 10 years. the characteristics of rum

Rum Don Papa 10 years is a very dark rum, characterized by extremely sweet olfactory notes.

The island of Negros is the place of production and also the place where the sugar canes used in the production process grow. Aging takes place in oak barrels for 7 years, to then use - in the last three years of aging - the barrels that had housed the bourbon, again carbonized. 

On the nose, the sweet notes are very rich, with those pleasant hints of vanilla that distinguishes the production of Don Papa rum. Other notes of dried fruit, cocoa and oak are less predominant.

On the palate we note the lightness and delicacy typical of rum Don Papa, with strong notes of vanilla, licorice, red fruits, bitter cocoa. The result is a rum that envelops you with its sweetness and the richness of evoked suggestions.

Given the characteristics of this rum we can safely say that it should be tasted only straight. Of course we advise you to combine it with an excellent chocolate or an excellent cigar to fully enjoy it.

Don Papa black

The rum Don Papa 10 years is classified as rum 帽ero. It is a new category of rum that is establishing itself on the market also for aesthetic reasons, due to the mental association between black rum and aged rum. In the case of the rum Don Papa Nero 10 years the very dark color is however a symptom of a long aging, which is accentuated thanks to the use of carbonized bourbon barrels that are used in the last three years of barrel aging.

Don Papa bottle 10 years

The 10 year old Don Papa is also characterized by an aesthetic research that has led the Filipino distillery to find the best partners to define the casing and the bottle of this rum. The bottle of Don Papa 10 years it comes from France, the cap from Portugal, the label from Italy and the brand image was designed in New York by Stranger & Stranger, one of the best known studios in the world of marketing. The label features Don Papa Dioniso Magbueles, adorned with a gecko. There are 49 other animals hidden on the label, including the native tarsier, endemic to the southern Philippine islands. Particularly appreciable is the chromatic combination chosen for the bottle of Don Papa 10 years that is black and silver, which underlines its belonging to the world of premium rums.

Don Papa Distillery 10

The history of Ron Don Papa stems from the long domination of the island by the Spaniards that lasted for three centuries. On the island of Negros the best conditions were found for the cultivation of sugar cane and therefore for the production of rum. Also on the island of Negros, near Mount Kanlaon, the aging in cask has always been done.

Thus was born the Filipino rum, capable of establishing itself in markets generally dominated by Cuban rum, which brought this distillery to world attention.

The Don Papa distillery is known for its production of sweet, vanilla rums, which are aged in barrels already used for other spirits, such as bourbon, sherry, or in toasted barrels in order to confer the characteristics that Master Blender experts intend to give to the various types of rum. The product line includes 5 other rums with alcoholic strengths between 40% and 50%, characterized by an unmistakable flavor.

Rum Don Papa 10 years review

The 10 year old Don Papa rum is the second best-selling rum of the Philippine distillery and given the reviews certainly among the most popular. We went through the various sales channels on the web, reading many of the user reviews, finding that it is a rum that generally excites those who buy it. On the most famous sales portal and that is Amazon there are well 306 reviews with an average score of 4,7. On, another well-known sales channel dedicated to wines and spirits, reviews are 386 with an average rating of 4,8. You can find other sales channels with reviews on Don Papa 10 Years and the ratings are all around the maximum value (5 stars), so we can say with certainty that it is a very popular rum in Italy.

Don Papa 10 years price

There are various web shops where buy Rum Don Papa 10 years, but we recommend doing it on Amazon. Fast shipping, guaranteed and above all you will never risk losing your money. Payments are always insured and if you do register with Amazon Prime, you can receive this directly at your home Filipino rum at the best price on the web without unnecessary shipping costs.

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