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Why choose Rum Matusalem Gran Riserva 15 years

The Rum Gran Riserva 15 years represents the great classic of distilleria Mathusalah, born in Cuba in 1872, and then moved to the Dominican Republic following the revolution of Fidel Castro in 1959. It is said that it was the Hemingway's favorite rum for his Mojito, certainly represents the solid legacy of a distillery that has managed to become one of the most famous in the world, while changing the country of production. The result of this jealously guarded ancient recipe is a soft and balanced rum which can be drunk neat or with dark chocolate, or be used for cocktails in which the aroma of rum is the predominant component.

Features Ron Matusalem Gran 15 Year Reserve

The Ron Matusalem Gran Reserve 15 years it is obtained from a blend of rum aged on average for 15 years in oak barrels according to the Solera method, the Spanish-inspired methodology and more precisely of Jerez, already used for Sherry and Brandy. On the nose the bouquet is rich and intense, with predominant notes of vanilla and then exotic fruit, spices, toasted almonds. On the palate it is striking the elegance, the pleasantness, with a slight woody hint. The aromas are fruity, with notes of caramel, spices, plums and bitter cocoa. Defined by the distillery as "The Cognac of Rum", in some ways it recalls the complex and velvety taste. The persistence is excellent with caramel which reduces the gradation of the rum.

Rum Distillery Matusalem Gran 15 Year Reserve

The history of the Matusalem distillery has ancient Cuban origins, when at the end of the 800th century the Spanish brothers Benjamin and Eduardo Camp together with Evaristo Alvarez decided to found it in Santiago de Cuba and to base production on the expensive "Solera" technique, which guaranteed a production of high quality rum. The name Matusalem refers precisely to the aging required by the distillates treated with this technique, which consists in arranging oak barrels on rows overlapping in a trapezoid shape, initially filling only those of the overlying row; year after a year a third of the distillate is transferred to the lower rows, while those above are filled with new rum; in this way the rum present below, used for trade, will be composed of distillates from different vintages and the complexity of the aroma will always be increased.

Even when after the Castro revolution the heirs of the founders were expropriated and exiled, the Matusalem Distillery maintained the same refined production techniques, relying on Dominican sugar cane very similar to that originally from Cuba. Over the years the production has expanded. and now includes rums of 7, 10, 18 and 23 years old, produced with different prices, but united by the “Solera” technique and the constant search for quality.

Where to buy Matusalem 15 Years

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