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I rum from J. Bally represent the history of agricultural rum of Martinique, the country that over the years is establishing itself as a producer of many gods best rums in the world. Agicole rum con we mean a rum distilled from fresh sugar cane juice, if it comes from Martinique it must also be subject to the rigid regulations of the AOC (Appellation d'origine contrôlée) which establishes production areas, type of sugar cane, fermentation techniques and distillation and much more. It is therefore one of the few “certified” rums in the world produced by one of the distillers who wrote the history of Martinique rum.

It rum J. Bally Vieux Agricole Pyramide 7 Years it is part of a historical series of the distillery, which also includes two other bottles aged for three and twelve years, characterized by the particular pyramidal shape of the bottle. The “Pyramide” project is due to the founder of the distillery, Jacques Bally who conceived it in 1930 together with the “Carré” bottle, to differentiate his rum from those of the competition. It is an agricultural rum, dry and with a high alcohol content, rich in aromas and great persistence, enriched with elegant notes given to it by long aging in cask.

Caratteristiche Rhun J. Bally Old Agricultural Pyramid 7 years

Martinique is characterized by an ideal climate and soil for the cultivation of sugar cane, and the area of rum production j. Bally, located in Le Carbet and characterized by a volcanic soil, represents the excellence of this island dedicated to the production of rum. The rum Bally Rhum Vieux Agricole Pyramide 7 Ans is a great classic of this producer, the first to decide since 1924 to age the rum on the basis of the experiences gained in French soil.

The color with mahogany reflections testifies to the aging in cask. The nose is characterized by aromas of undergrowth and spicy notes such as cinnamon and nutmeg, with an olfactory background characterized by the presence of more delicate notes of tobacco and light toasting. The first impression on the palate is the liveliness. It has a perfectly blended woody note, which brings out the entire aromatic palette. Bally Rhum Vieux Agricole Pyramide 7 Ans should be tasted neat, choosing a suitable rum glass.

J. Bally rum distillery

The J. Bally Distilleria was founded in 1917 by Jacques Bally, a brilliant French engineer who identified in this estate born for the production of sugar, the ideal area for produce quality rum. Rum in Martinique for many years had been characterized by the low quality of production, mostly exported to England. Jacques Bally completely revolutionized the production methods of the time, creating himself a single column distillation plant (Creole) capable of maintaining the aromatic richness of the cane.

But the greatest innovation he introduced, almost a revolution, was to introduce rum aging, on the basis of the great French cognacs. Since the creation of the distillery, he began to sell only partially the rum produced, reserving a large part of the production for aging. The series of rum milleimati, which have expanded the knowledge of rum by J. Bally, with the marketing of bottles dating back to 1924, often sold for several thousand euros. Purchased in 1974 by Saint James, since 2003 the brand has belonged to Martiniquaise, while maintaining intact the production know-out of inestimable value and the limited production that distinguishes this historic brand.

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