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"Rum: alcoholic drink obtained from the fermentation of sugar cane".

This is the vocabulary definition. But in reality this distillate is much more than a simple "alcoholic drink", according to all its fans around the world and it is not only obtained from the fermentation of sugar cane.

Not for nothing was it the favorite drink of pirates and privateers, who loved its sweet taste, which allowed them to organize unforgettable parties.

Comparative price table of the best rums

How is rum made?

Rum is distinguished by the type of distillation. If we consider that obtained from the distillation of sugar cane juice, we obtain a product that deteriorates quickly.

It is therefore necessary to crush the barrel and pass it in a press within 36 hours of cutting the barrels. Through other steps, the residue becomes finer and finer containing 70% water, 14% sucrose and wood residues.

It must then be distilled quickly: thus we obtain the agricultural rum.

Agricultural Rum

Also called Vesou, dense, is generally a particularly valuable product certified by INAO (National Institute of Origin Accreditation).

This distillate, typical of the French Caribbean islands such as Guadalupe, Reunion. Haiti and Martinique, it can be processed during the cane harvest period: from January to July.

The rum that is obtained is softer (compared to the industrial one), with a taste of flowers and fruit, which can become stronger with aging in oak or oak barrels.

Since the production process is controlled, it is the only rum that can be given the “Controlled Designation of Origin”.

It should be served between 12 ° and 14 ° in balloon sherry cups.

Agricultural rum constitutes only 10% of that on the market: most of the rum we taste is industrial: let's see the difference

Industrial Room

From the distillation of molasses, i.e. the liquid that remains after extracting the sugar from the cane, is treated with yeasts selected by the manufacturer, based on climatic needs.

The leavening can last a few hours or even two weeks and consists in bringing the liquid, closed in a container, up to 80 ° to facilitate the evaporation of the alcohol. The vapors are then recovered again to obtain the base of the distillate.

Each producer uses small distilling differences to personalize their rum and differentiate it from the others.

The base of the rum obtained from distillation has an alcohol concentration between 70% and 95%: water is almost always added before bottling to sell a product that has a concentration of around 40% - 50%.

Some producers sell freshly distilled rum, others choose to age the product in barrels, often made of oak, to give particular characteristics to the distillation.

Some rums are enriched with fruit or spices to add to the base and outline the product.

Its origin is documented in a 1650 writing found in Barbados.

From the Antilles the rum, if of quality, can become a real temptation for the palate whether you want to taste it alone or as an ingredient in a cocktail such as Mojito or Daiquiri: it will be appropriate to follow a series of suggestions, if you want to get the most .

Some prefer rum alone, others on the rocks, or with coke or in cocktails: everything is fine, the only essential aspect is that the rum is of good quality.

What are the stages of making rum?


Fermentation is the natural process in which cane sugar is transformed into alcohol and molasses is obtained, to which water and yeast are added to make it an unparalleled drink. It is left to ferment for a time that can vary from 12 hours up to 12 days, depending on the type of rum to be obtained.


The liquid obtained from fermentation must be distilled, to be purified of impurities. It is passed through an alembic several times to obtain a brilliant and transparent alcohol.


The time devoted to aging varies depending on the manufacturer. In some countries it is regulated by law, but it is considered important to keep it in barrels to give value to the treated product.

The classification is as follows:

By 18 to 36 months  the label speaks of white rum, light or silver. It is the most popular rum and, thanks to its neutral flavor, it is ideal for pairing with soft drinks, mineral water or fruit juice, making it a favorite of many when it comes to preparing a good cocktail or a refreshing Mojito. some of the rums produced in Brazil or Puerto Rico are considered white.

By 5 years we talk about Rum blond, gold, gold label. Its flavor is generally stronger and more penetrating, which is why many experts consider it essential in the preparation of a good Cuba Libre and, although its use in cocktails is not excluded, it is advisable to use few ingredients to preserve its essence and the natural flavor.

By 7 years if I speak an angel, aged. As a coiore it is very similar to golden rum, but aged rum is a little stronger and its flavors are more complex. When it comes to a good aged rum, it is recommended to consume it alone, with ice or a little mineral water.

Then there is a flavored rum or spiced rum. In recent times it has become very fashionable, especially flavored with vanilla, but also with cinnamon, black pepper, rosemary seeds or aniseed. Its main purpose is to be a party drink or to be part of a particular cocktail. Sometimes its essence is so strong that it is enough to combine it with a little water and the flavor can become sweeter or warmer and more complex.

rum ñero

Its aging time in barrique is usually longer and this is the reason for the dark color. For many it is the rum that has the most flavor, so it is recommended to taste it alone, with a little water or a few drops of lemon.

By 10 years or older we are talking about extra aged rum Great reserve o Premium

Its name says it all. It usually has a lot of character and is very soft at the same time. Experts believe that this type of rum should never be mixed, since to obtain a rum of this quality, special aging in reserved barrels is required, which every production house has available.

Enjoy it alone, it doesn't get any better!

Rum Super Premium 

These are special, luxury editions. Their blends can be composed of rums that have been aged for several decades and are limited production. It is useless to advise you how to drink it!

Ranking of the best Rums

We finally come to the ranking of the Rums that we liked the most.

Best Rum: Hemingway's favorite

8. Matusalem Rum Grand Reserve 15 Years 700ml 


Matusalem is a distillery that was born in Cuba in 1872, thanks to the commitment and tenacity of 2 Spanish brothers, who immediately produce recognizable distillates, which gradually improve over time.

But in the mid-twentieth century, with the revolution of Fidel Castro, the owners were forced to leave Cuba and move to the Dominican Republic, where the climate, very similar to the Cuban one, was the most suitable for producing sugar cane.

Here we are talking about Rum Matusalem aged 15 years in French oak barrels with the Solera technique, typically Spanish.

Obviously the name Matusalem refers to the biblical character who lived more than 1000 years, and wants to recall the idea that it is a particularly aged rum.

Aging, obtained with the Solara method, consists in using overlapping barrels, in which the youngest distillate, placed in the upper barrels, is decanted into the lower ones from year to year, up to the 15 years of aging, in this case.

The rum thus obtained is composed of spirits from different vintages that have enriched it with aromas and allowed it to achieve a perfect harmony of flavors.

Matusalem rum is obtained from the processing of high quality sugar cane molasses from the Dominican Republic.

The bottle is elegant and packaged and refers to its ancient Cuban origin.
Matusalem is a rum that has an excellent aroma of toasted dried fruit and a warm, soft and pleasant flavor, quite persistent.

Excellent if you want to drink it alone, even better if you pair it with dark chocolate. And why not use it to prepare a cocktail? Didn't Hemingway do the same?

Matusalem Rum Gran 15 Year Reserve 700ml - Price: 29,90 euro - Discount (3%) - Price: 29,90 euros

Best Rum: a masterfully crafted blend

7. Rum Appleton Estate 12 Y

The story of Appleton Estate it dates back to 1655, the year in which England took Jamaica away from Spain, but the real notoriety of the Estate rum began in 1749.

It was during the sea transport of rum from Germany to England, in wooden barrels, that they realized that the distillate had become smoother and tastier.

Since then, the Appleton rums have been aged in 151-liter oak barrels and carefully hand-blended by the Master Blender, who is also tasked with checking each barrel individually, before blending it and ensuring the quality of the rum.

The blend is then placed in a vat for the flavors to blend together, producing a full and rounded rum: now, bottling can begin.

Rum in the bottle 12 years it seems almost red, the scent is sweet and woody, with notes of coffee and soft cream. The flavor is rich and creamy and tastes of molasses and biscuit.

The Appleton bottle has an elegant design, and fits perfectly in the hand. The Estate label is extra black and the 12-year aging box is dark and distinctive.

Rum Appleton Estate 12 Y - Price: 44,00 euro - Discount (20%) - Price: 34,99 euros

Best Rum: Smooth and velvety

6. El Dorado 15 A. Rum

Eldorado is produced at Demerara Distillers Limited in Guyana. The 15 year is a blend of aged Demerara rums, some of which are 25 years old, aged in barrels that contained bourbon.

It is also known as "Liquid Gold of Guyana" and has been classified as best rum in the world presso l’International Wine and Spirits Competition  for 4 consecutive years.

It is a smooth, velvety rum, perfect for sipping. In the glass the color is mahogany with golden reflections. The most immediate scent is of wood, combined with candied orange and vanilla.

The flavor is soft and full-bodied, with rich references to tropical fruit and spices combined with hints of honey. The finish is elegant and dry.

The bottle is in light brown glass, short and round, topped with a natural cork. The label certifies that the rum inside is at least 15 years old.

El Dorado 15 A. Rum - Price: 36,05 euro - Discount (23%) - Price: 27,60 euros

Best Rum: smooth, delicate and sweet

5. Don Papa Rum

Don Papa Rum is a distillate that comes from Philippines and the name is inspired by the story of Papa Isio, who played an important role in the Philippine revolution at the end of the XNUMXth century.

The place, Negros Occidental, located at the foot of Mount Kanlaon, is the perfect habitat in which climate and rich volcanic soil favor the production of a sugar cane that is sweeter than many other varieties and among the best in the world.

And where there is sugar, rum cannot be missing, especially Don Papa Rum.

Don Papa is first aged in oak barriques, then it is blended to perfection.

The nose is light and fruity, the palate is smooth and delicate, with a persistent and rich finish, with flavors of vanilla, honey and candied fruit.

Don Papa Rum - Price: 36,05 euro - Discount (23%) - Price: 27,60 euros

Best Rum: Level Agricultural Rum

4. Damoiseau Xo Aged Rum 70 cl, Case

The Damoiseau family produces agricultural rums since 1942, in Guadeloupe, in the Belleven distilleries.

Rum XO is an extra old agricultural rum, coming directly from the sugar cane, the vesou, therefore precious and selected.

The characteristic of this distillate is to be iaged at least for 6 years in oak barrels chosen for their quality. After all, slowly maturing in a humid and tropical environment gives this liqueur its characteristic floral notes, just as the oceanic environment harmonizes the notes of wood and sugar cane, which coexist perfectly.

At the end there remains an orange peel flavor with a hint of cinnamon and a slight hint of tobacco.

Soft and fragrant, full and ripe: best enjoyed alone.

The green metal case makes the product very suitable as a precious and refined gift.

It is a very popular rum in the USA.

Diplomatico Rhum, Reserva Exclusiva, 0.70 lt - Price: 59,90 euro - Discount (15%) - Price: 50,90 euros

Best Rum: Luxurious and fragrant rum

3. Rum Quorhum 30 Old Vintage Ron

This is a rum produced in the Dominican Republic, which however has different origins.

The progenitor, Oliver Janillo, in the 19 century. he founded a sugar cane and tobacco plantation in Cuba. He later opened a distillery, which remained active until 1950, when Cuba found itself in the midst of the revolution.

The heirs, Oliver and Oliver, fled to the Dominican Republic with all their know-how: here they found the ideal conditions to produce a rum of the highest quality.

Ron 30 Old Vintage indicates the 30th anniversary of the Quorhum brand.

It is distilled in traditional stills with the Solera system, in which only a part of the oldest rum, up to 30 years old, is mixed with younger rums, always maintaining an excellent quality.

The color is cherry red. The scent tastes of cane sugar, with a woody base and a hint of citrus.

The flavor is consistent, full, almost creamy, with a caramel flavor combined with the sweetness of honey with notes of coffee.

Oliver and Oliver offer their product in a bold and provocative design bottle with a heavy bottom.

It is difficult to taste a mature and balanced rum like Rum Quorhum, really excellent!

Then there is the price: relatively low for a rum aged so long, so it is a distillate that cannot be renounced.

Rum Quorhum 30 Old Vintage Ron - Price: 59,40 euro - Discount (4%) - Price: 56,90 euros
Best Rum: the richest in Caribbean flavors

2. Diplomatico Rhum, Reserva Exclusiva, 0.70 lt

Diplomatic is one of the 3 largest distilleries in the world (along with El Dorado and Appleton): Diplomatic Rum it is produced in Venezuela, using sugar canes of different qualities, from which both pure juice and molasses are extracted and used.

Fermentation is also different, faster that of molasses (18 hours), slower that of cane (48 hours) to concentrate aromas and perfumes more slowly.

The mix of beyond 50 room different is made up of over 80% cane juice and 20% molasses.

The rum is also aged for 12 years in oak barrels, with nothing added except small amounts of caramel.

The water used in the distillation is that of the Andes, obtained from 50 m deep wells, therefore very pure.

It is a rum studied down to the smallest detail to offer the best possible distillate, as quality of raw materials as of aromas and flavors.

It has a dark color, smells slightly vanilla, cocoa and orange juice. Has a flavor fruity, strong, but soft, persistent, not dry, not sweet, with a slight caramel flavor, combined with oranges and walnuts.

If the 40 degrees of the rum is too much, just add water or ice.

It is a rum rich in history and charm, offered in an elegant bottle, in green frosted glass, a little vintage. The label looks like a postage stamp, with a photo of the founder, Nieto Melendez. Great idea for a gift.

Diplomatico Rhum, Reserva Exclusiva, 0.70 lt - Price: 41,00 euro - Discount (4%) - Price: 39,30 euros

Best Rum: to make evenings with friends special

1. Zacapa Rum Centenario XO Solera

Il Rum Zapaca is an Agricultural rum, therefore obtained directly from the fermentation of sugar cane, together with pineapple yeasts.

It's made in Guatemala and the sugar cane used grows in a volcanic area in a tropical climate, a mix that allows a very high concentration of sugar.

Why XO? It means Extra Old, the Centenary rum, in fact, consists of a blend of rums of which one has aged for 25 years.

Solera is the aging method invented in Spain centuries ago, which Zapaca has perfected. In a pyramid of barrels, at the top are those that contain the youngest product, at the base those aged for 25 years or more.

When it is time to bottle, the older barrel is never completely emptied, but filled again with rum obtained from a barrel placed immediately above, therefore younger, by mixing the two distillates.

It reaches a height of 2333m tall: that's why it is said that Zapata rum ages in a "house above the clouds".

The taste of this rum derives not only from the unparalleled qualities of the raw material, but also from the aging method: barrels are used that house fine Cognacs, which will release their scent and aroma even in the rum.

The rum Zapaca Centenario is soft and spicy, with vanilla flavor and almond aftertaste., with hints of coffee. tobacco and raisins.

The alcohol content is 40% and its flavor is sharpened when accompanied by excellent 75% dark chocolate or even marron glacés.

Excellent solution for a prestigious gift, thanks to the elegant crystal bottle, of dark amber color.

Zacapa Rum Centenario XO Solera - Price: 90,42 euro - Discount (5%) - Price: 85,60 euros

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