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Rum Diplomatico Mantuano: why choose it

Diplomatico Mantuano is a rum slightly spicy, with the appearance of dark gold. Compared to the more complex ones Ambassador e Exclusive Reservation boasts a more pronounced drinkability and a definitely lower price. It can be drunk straight, but it is enhanced in classic cocktails like Daiquiri, Mojito, or in the most innovative cocktails such as Royal Bermuda. The rum takes its name from Don Juan Nieto Melendez, known as the "Mantuano", that is, nobleman, whose figure heads on all the labels of the distillery. The history of the distillery is the history of the rum of Venezuela: Diplomatico is now globally synonymous with quality rum, so much so that in 2019 it was the first rum brand to be named "Spirit Brand of the Year" by the prestigious Wine Enthusiast magazine.

Features Ron Diplomatico Mantuano

The ron Diplomatico Mantuano is obtained from a blend of rum aged 8 years in toasted oak barrels. The blend, that is the blend of rum, is the work of Tino Cordero the Mastro Ronero present in the company for more than thirty years, a true institution and the true soul of Distilerias Unidas. Through his passionate work the Diplomatic rum reached the top in premium and super-premium rum production. The nose opens with a delicate spiciness with aromas of prunes and dried fruit and a hint of oak deriving from the aging barrels. On the palate the great balance and good softness stand out, with notes of dried fruit, vanilla, as per Diplomatic tradition and finally a light hint of wood.

Mantuano Diplomatic Rum Distillery

The history of the distillery that produces all brands Diplomatico is the history of Venezuelan rum, started in 1959 by a family of producers strongly linked to La Miel, a small town at the foot of the Andes. Born as an independent distillery called LUSA “Licorerías Unidas SA”, it was acquired in 2002 by a group of Venezuelan entrepreneurs, experts in the alcohol sector, who changed its name to DUSA “Destilerías Unidas SA” while preserving the historic Diplomatic brand. The acquiring company, however, kept the cornerstones that they made people love the Diplomatic brand not only all over the world, but also by La Miel's own fellow citizens: those of a company strongly linked to the territory, with 100% local labor, which respects the environment and produces quality rum.

Distributed in over one hundred countries around the world, the Rum Diplomatico is a pride of Venezuela in which it is recognized with the protected designation of origin, strongly desired by the distillery to distinguish the quality of rum, its origins and the use of natural raw material, free of artificial flavors or colors or GMO products. The result is i Diplomatic Rum, five rums with different raw materials, methods of distillation, fermentation, aging and blend, but all immediately recognizable and inimitable.

Where to buy Diplomatico rum

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