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Puerto Rico


1 years




Alcohol 37,5%

Why choose Bacardi Carta Bianca rum

Bacardi is synonymous with rum for many of the world's consumers. This is the best-selling rum in the world and over the years its success has been such as to release it from the world of sugar cane distillates, just as if it were a distillate in its own right. The Bacardi Rum White Paper certainly in the Bacardi family it represents the distillate most voted for drinks, so much so that it is the essential rum to be used in Bacardi cocktail included in the rum section unforgettable cocktails by the world bartender association.

It is also the most used rum for other famous cocktails such as Daiquiri, Pina Colada and many others based on white rum. It is said that the founder of the distillery, Don Facundo Bacardi, it took even 10 years to reach the perfect balance of Rum Bacardi Carta Bianca. Rum Bacardi Carta Bianca still bears the wording “Establecido 1862 Santiago de Cuba” on the label, to proudly reaffirm its Cuban origins, despite the fact that today it is produced in Puerto Rico.

Features Ron Bacardi Carta Bianca

A light colored rum, to be tasted preferably in cocktails that enhance its freshness. The nose is light and fresh with a little spice and pepper, quite alcoholic. On the palate it is medium-bodied with hints of fruit and a note of brown sugar and spices. The finish is good with spicy notes of vanilla. The perfect transparency of Bacardi White Paper rum is the visiting card of this distillate aged in white oak barrels for a year and filtered with a mixture of charcoal that creates that softness sought by the founder to differentiate his rum from those in vogue at the time.

Another distinctive note of the visual aspect is represented by the famous logo with red bat suggested by Doña Amalia, wife of founder Don Facundo Bacardi, when she noticed a colony of fruit bats nesting in the distillery's gutter. The choice of bats also has roots in folklore, as bats symbolize good luck both in the Valencian community (native region of the Bacardi) and in the indigenous Cuban populations.

Doña Amalia's insistence on selecting a memorable logo turned out to be a smart business decision. Many potential Bacardi customers were illiterate, and the bat image helped them remember rum. They started asking for "bat rum" engraved on the rum barrels. When Bacardi began bottling their own rum, each label featured the Bacardi bat and, with Don Facundo's own signature, the quality of the content was approved.

Ron Bacardi Distillery

The roots of Rum Bacardi are firmly established in the history and in the places of rum, given the year and length of foundation of the first distillery, which dates back to 1836 in the land of Cuba. Don Facundo Bacardi, the founder, was part of that trio of friends who left Catalonia, who would have made the history of Caribbean rum, in fact, in addition to him, the trio was composed of Evaristo Alvarez, also founder of Matusalem in Cuba and Adres Brugal, who instead decided to found Ron Brugal in the Dominican Republic.

Almost two centuries later Bacardi continues to be a family and private company, which over the years has been able to adapt to history and the market. Given the enormous success of his rum, as early as 1936 Bacardi founded a distillery in Puerto Rico to avoid paying the tariffs on the rum he shipped to the United States. Subsequently, following the Cuban revolution in 1960, it was forced to abandon the factories in Santiago de Cuba, to concentrate all production in Puerto Rico, where in the current plant it produces the beauty of 400.000 bottles per day.

Bacardi White Paper rum price

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