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Kyrin is a well-known Japanese beer brand in that country. Although beer is its main product, it also makes other beverages such as coffee and soft drinks.

In ForBeerLovers we want to discover you all the information about Kirin soyou can know better the history of this brand and why it is one of the most popular and consumed globally.

Brand Features

  • Type: Lager
  • Graduation: 5%.
  • Price: From 1,08 ? per unit

Brand Ingredients

Kirin is identified as a traditional beer that is brewed with the following 100% natural ingredients

  • water
  • hops
  • barley malt

Nutritional information

If you want to know the nutritional contribution of the Kirin , here we leave you a list with the most outstanding values:

  • Energy:197 kj / 42 kcal (per 100ml)
  • Fats 0,179 g
  • Carbohydrates 4,06 g
  • Of which sugars < 0 g
  • Protein 0.376 g
  • Salt < 0.00 g

History of beer Kirin

The beginnings of this beer go back to 1870, when Johan Thoresen found a spring in Yokohama that inspired him to open his own brewery. After many failures, the brewery finally adopted its current name in 1888. The name comes from Japanese mythology and represents a half-dragon horse.

As early as 1990, it was launched on the market and began to succeed thanks to its unique brewing technique, the Shibori.

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