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At ForBeerLovers we want to give you all the information about beer Maestra so that you can learn more about the history of this brand and why it is one of the most popular and consumed globally. 

Information about Maestra Beer

Maestra is a double-humped Mahou brand beer that has been brewed for over 125 years.

In ForBeerLovers we want to discover you all the information about beer Maestra so that you can know better the history of this brand and why it is one of the most popular and consumed worldwide.

Brand Features

  • Type: National Lager
  • Graduation: 7.5% alc. Vol.
  • Price: 1 euro/unit

Brand Ingredients

The beer is Maestra presented as a quality brand within reach of anyone and natural, so it is made with the following ingredients:

  • Water
  • Barley Malt
  • Corn
  • Hops

Nutritional information

If you want to know the nutritional contribution of the Maestra , here we leave you a list with the most outstanding values:

  • Energy: 67 kcal (100ml)
  • Fats 0 g
  • Carbohydrates 5,60 g
  • Of which sugars < 0,60 g
  • Protein 0.3 g
  • Salt < 0 g

History of Maestra Mahou Beer

Until 1957, Mahou had been characterized by his German brewmasters. From that year onwards, and having gone through a bad period, Antonio Nolasco would become the technical director and would replace the said masters with Spanish technicians.

Currently, this brewing group is composed of companies such as Mahou , San Miguel, Anaga, Alhambra or Solán de Cabras among other brands. It is now more than 125 years since Mahou started brewing beer Maestra .

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