Information about Yakka beer

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At ForBeerLovers we want to give you all the information aboutYakka so that you can learn more about the history of this brand.

Information about Yakka beer

Yakka is a not very well known Spanish beer brand based in Murcia. This brand produces different types of craft beers and is known for its beautiful brewery, where you can go to enjoy its beers.

In ForBeerLovers we want to give you all the information about Yakka so you can know more about the history of this brand.

Brand Features

  • Type: Lager
  • Price: From 2,30 euro/unit

Brand Ingredients

Yakka is presented as a quality brand and, therefore, it is made with natural ingredients such as

  • Barley malt
  • Wheat Malt
  • Nugget Hops


Yakka is an artisan brewery located in the heart of Murcia. They have been producing and marketing their brand since 2009.

Types of Branded Beers

Within the Heineken brand, we find different ranges of beers that are adapted to a wider public. Below we discover the different types of Heineken currently on the market.

Lager type

Lager, dry, natural and unfiltered

Yakka pal

Tasty, balanced and generously hopped up beer. Malts and hops that give it a medium body and a smooth passage in the mouth.

Tripel 340

Historical beer, monastic branch, intense, liquorous, with 9 graduations

Blonde Appetite

Exquisite, gastronomic, elegant and extremely drinkable beer

Serious Rye Ipa

Full-bodied malt beer with the spicy, elegant background of rye


Toast with a generous body and a strong personality inspired by the brown ale style

Be Yakka Stout

Black beer belonging to the Be Yakka family with notes of blurred borders


Tropical hoppy IPA and very aromatic. It is not at all bitter and contains mango and passion fruit.


Collaboration of (Yakka Beers , Cierzo Brewing, Oud Beersel and Homo Sibaris) for a traditional beer, made in the times of now.

Type Wheat

Wheat beer, fruity and very easy to drink and that will make each drink incite you to think only of the next.

Malt Attack

Toasty, coppery, tasty and elegant. Lager with little hops and a lot of maturation.


Slightly bitter, very, very fruity, cloudy and refreshing


Floral, fruity, soft and delicate, clean, fragrant and with the bitterness that touches it.

West Coast IPA

Amber color, light carbonation, creamy texture.

Grenada Sour

Made with seasonal pomegranates and fresh lime

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