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At ForBeerLovers we want to give you all the information you need to El 脕guila know more about the history of this brand.

Information on El 脕guila

Cerveza El 脕guila is a brand of Spanish beer, founded in Madrid in 1900, which in 2019 has returned to the market. It is currently owned by the Dutch brewing group Heineken International.

At ForBeerLovers we want to give you all the information you need to know more about El 脕guila the history of this brand.

Brand Features

  • Type: Lager
  • Graduation: 5.5% alc. Vol.
  • Price: From 0,89 euro/unit

Brand Ingredients

El 脕guila is presented as a brand of quality and proximity, so it is made with natural ingredients such as:

  • Barley malt
  • Water
  • Hops
  • Yeast

Nutritional information

If you want to know the nutritional contribution of the Heineken, here is a list with the most outstanding values:

  • Energy: 177 kJ / 43 kcal (per 100 ml)
  • Fats 0 g
  • Carbohydrates 3 g
  • Of which sugars
  • Protein 0 g
  • Salt

History of beer El 脕guila

Let's take a brief look at the history of the brand El 脕guila so that you can discover the origin of this beer.

On May 9, 1900, the businessman Augusto Comas y Blanco founded in Madrid the S. A. El 脕guila like many other beer brands launched at the beginning of the 20th century. In the following years, the company's growth began with the acquisition of small breweries in other parts of Spain.

In 1962 the traditional wooden barrel was replaced by the aluminium one and the litre bottle ("litronas") began to be used. In 1971, wood is replaced by plastic in the containers.

In 1984, the Dutch brewing group Heineken N.V. acquired a significant shareholding (32% El 脕guila ). In 1985 it closes its factory in General Lacy, leaving the building unused until its subsequent remodeling.

In 2000 it merged with the Cruzcampo Group, which was also fully acquired by Heineken.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the Dutch group Heineken, with the aim of unifying brands, has turned the brand El 脕guila into Amstel, in a long process of brand change in which both brands have coexisted. With this, the century-old beer brand El 脕guila disappeared.

In 2019 the company decides to put it on sale El 脕guila again, inspired by the original recipe. They have also put on the market the first unfiltered beer, as it was El 脕guila born in 1900.

Types of Branded Beers

Within the Heineken brand, we find different ranges of beers to suit a wider public. Below you will find the different types of Heineken currently on the market.

脕guil Dorada

It is a beer that was created in 1972 and has more body and more taste. It has an alcohol content of 5.5% and is golden amber in colour.

脕guila Imperial聽

It is a beer created in 1976 that was very successful because of its can. It has an alcohol content of 5.5%.

脕guila Reserve

This is the traditional beer. It has gone through a very elaborate production process and that gives it a unique taste. It has 5.5% alcohol content.

脕guila Sin

For those moments when you want to enjoy a good non-alcoholic beer. This variety offers the same taste and freshness as 脕guila Reserva but with 0.0% alcohol.

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