Beer with Lemon: Characteristics and Types

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OnForBeerLoverswe're going to tell you everything you need to know about lemon beer, one of the best known and most consumed types of beer in the world.

All the information about Beer with Lemon

Beer with lemon is a beer with a low but noticeable lemon juice content. This beer is known as Radler, Shandy, Clara among other names.

At ForBeerLovers we will tell you everything you need to know about lemon beer, one of the most popular and widely consumed types of beer in the world.

Characteristics of beer with lemon

As far as its characteristics are concerned, it will depend on the type of Lemon beer we choose. The aroma, appearance, flavor, etc. are usually similar to the original beer of the brand we choose but with a slight touch of lemon. However, the taste is usually similar to that of a traditional beer, but much more refreshing.

Ingredients of the beer with lemon

This type of beer has natural ingredients similar to the lager we know (gluten-free, of course). Its ingredients will depend on the type of beer you choose. We recommend that you find out about the ingredients of another beer, since beer is used and lemon is added.

How it is made

To make a beer with lemon, you must first choose your favorite beer. Then follow these steps:

  • Choose your beer: It can be pilsener, wheat or lager, light beer and of course very cold.
  • 2. Choose a lemonade: It can be with or without gas, but make it fresh, some also make it with lemon slush, a great combination.
  • 3. Pour the lemonade first: Carefully and carefully so that it does not lose its gas.
  • 4. Add the beer: Little by little, don't make too much foam but be careful, don't make the panache without foam either, remember that it's essential that it has two fingers so that the beer doesn't rust and maintains its taste.
  • 5. The proportions: There is debate here but I will tell you that the 4 part lemon 6 beer blend is the best, although that goes a bit to your taste. Remember that you can also add ice to the egg white as you see in the picture.

History of Pale Ale

The Radlers were born in 1922 to Franz Xaver Kugler, a barman who was previously a railroad worker. One day he decided to enter the world of the hotel business by setting up his own bierg盲rten in the area of Bavaria, in the village of Deisenhofen, Munich, under the name of Kugler Alm.

After World War I, cycling became a fashionable sport, and Kugler knew that this could benefit him given the location of his bierg盲rten. His premises were located between the specially built bicycle lanes.

One Saturday in June 1922, a large crowd of cyclists ended up stopping at Kugler Alm. Such was the number of people who gathered at his place that he suddenly caught Franz Xaver Kugler. The beer reserves he had available would not cover the current demand, so Kugler decided to combine his beers with lemon juice. In this way, all customers would be satisfied with a beer they had never tasted before, the Radler.

Top 3 brands of non-alcoholic beer

We conclude this article by talking about the most outstanding Gluten Free beer brands of the moment. Although there is a wide variety of options, here we are going to leave you with a list of the 3 best ones you have to try, yes or yes!

  • Amstel Radler: They claim that it was the first brand to launch a beer with lemon juice, the real thing, in our country, a historical milestone that came in 2013. Beyond flavors, this is a natural drink, refreshing and that enters alone. It is also available in a 0.0 version.

  • Imperial Citrus Amber: Daura was launched in 2006. Since then it has received numerous awards from prestigious international competitions, being recognized as the best gluten-free beer.

  • San Miguel 0.0 Lemon. A 0.0 to take care of yourself while enjoying your beer. The softness of its malt and hop notes and the intensity of the citrus fruits will be your new summer addiction.

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