What does small batch whiskey mean?

What does small batch whiskey mean?
What does small batch whiskey mean?

How and why a small batch whiskey is created

Creating a small batch whiskey means tasting and choosing barrels rather than dumping them all in one blend.

When a distillery decides to create a small batch, it is looking for a specific aromatic profile and usually does so in one of the following ways: by choosing a group of specific barrels with equally unique flavor profiles, or by selecting a variety of different tasting barrels and then mixing them together to achieve the desired result that offers a varied range of flavors. olfactory.

Some of the most famous whiskeys in small batches

Benromach Peat Smoke

Produced in small batches as it is a very smoky version of Speyside Scotch whiskey. Benromach Peat Smoke is a speysider with a decidedly unique flavor.

Creamy aromas of bourbon on the nose, but also vegetable and woody smoke. A little fruity of pear and berries also on the nose, and in particular - the nose develops over time - becoming more woody, more earthy and richer.

The palate is slightly sweet, creamy and becomes quite ashy - with a touch of tropical fruit at the end - quite intriguing.

Milk chocolate, everywhere, and splashes of hazelnut. The finish has a nice touch of intense smoke, ash, cocoa powder and perhaps smoked dried flowers.

Oban Little Bay

The nose of this version does not lie. It contains a lot of orange peel, cloves and fruit. 

Blindfolded, you would never, ever think of finding yourself in front of a whisky Oban

There is a bit of smoke but again it's not what you would expect when you hear the magic word "Oban".

The texture is slightly oily at first, this dries quickly when the final cloves and spices come into play.

With a little water, the whiskey becomes drier and slightly spicier.

In the end it is the nose that comes to life. The orange and cloves are quite noticeable with a hint of tropical fruit, especially pineapple, peeking out.

Teeling Small Batch

Not only Scotch whiskey, therefore, here we are faced with an excellent representation of Irish whiskey.

On the nose dried fruit, malt, dark fruit, toffee, malty sweetness, banana and light notes of apricot, brown sugar and cereals. 

Similar to a “traditional” Irish whiskey nose, but amplified and accentuated by some darker notes. A really nice aroma.

On the palate malt, honey, banana nut muffins, caramel, dried fruit and light spicy notes, dark sweets and vanilla taffy slide on the palate in a simple and elastic way. 

Like the nose, it has a very traditional look, but is more amplified and paired with some darker notes.

There is a great balance in this whiskey that rests on a medium-structured body. Generally warm, dry and very pleasant.

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