Tasting of "Viognier" wines

Tasting of "Viognier" wines

La tasting of Viognier. The Viognier It is one of vines white berried grapes most characteristic of the Rhone valley, the origins of whose cultivation in this area date back to the Roman era. It is a vine characterized by a great ability to resist drought, but accompanied by one productivity low and unruly, subject to diseases like powdery mildew. Rediscovered in the 70s after a long period of neglect, today the variety is found not only in France (Southern Rhône, Languedoc-Roussillion, Provence), but also in the rest of the world, as in California, Australia, Spain, Greece, Austria. Also in Italy several dozen companies have focused on the production of Viognier in purity, obtaining high quality results, even very different from each other. As for all international grape varieties, the results differ from country to country, partly due to the different soil compositions, from calcareous to moraine, to clayey or gravelly or sandy, but also for the different latitudes. The winemaking processes used for the Viognier range from the exclusive use of steel until refinements in barrique which even reach 12 months.

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Characteristics of Viognier wine

Il Viognier it is a particular and very complex wine, capable of combining the structure the Chardonnay to the freshness of Sauvignon with tropical notes worthy of a Gewürztraminer. But getting these results can be a problem. In fact, Viognier is a late variety and making it reach complete phenolic maturity, which is necessary to get the most out of the vine in taste-olfactory terms, it can compromise theequilibrium between acidity and sugar content. If harvested late, the freshness could give way to sugar and therefore alcohol, if harvested too early, gives rise to pleasant wines, but of little substance.

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Guided tasting of Viognier wine

As a basically complex white wine, the Viognier it should be tasted in large glasses, which allow you to appreciate colors and the olfactory bouquet. The ideal tasting temperature varies between 10 and 12 ° C, depending on the age and the structure of the wine.

Viognier - The Tasting - Visual examination

Il Viognier it has a coloration straw yellow brilliant, with golden hues, good consistency especially for the more complex versions and possibly fermented or aged in wood.

Viognier - The Tasting - Olfactory examination

The scent of Viognier it is characterized by a precise triplet of scents: fruity of gooseberry e apricot. But it is above all a wine floral, with awards from acacia, thrush, lemon flowers, narcissus, Gardenia, is lavender essence . The fruity notes are reminiscent of exotic fruit, with notes of fishery yellow, mango, ananas and citrus peels to close, especially for longer versions aging, with spicy notes of anise starry, sage e cardamom.

Viognier - The Tasting - Gustatory examination

Il Viognier on the palate it is warm, round, fresher than savory, but harmonic it's a lot soft. The ending is persistent with fruity memories of memories apricot e tropical fruits.

The pairing with the food of Viognier wine

Il Viognier it goes particularly well with spicy dishes, including the Indian cuisine, big harmony with curry. It's a appetizer pleasant, but also matches harmoniously with white meats and fish-based dishes, in the lighter and less demanding versions also with Sushi.

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Matching recipes for Viognier wines

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