The 3 Best Cocktails with Absinthe

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The 3 Best Cocktails with Absinthe

Absinthe based cocktail

Mother-in-law killer

Calling it a cocktail is a bit of a stretch, actually is a short drink to drink in one go as its main characteristic is not exactly that of having a pleasant taste. The ingredients list consists of only Absinthe and Mother-in-law's milk, a liqueur composed of different herbs, whose peculiarity is the alcohol content of about 70 °.

I think you can easily imagine the reason for the name given to this super alcoholic drink “mother's killer”.


This cocktail is also one of the short drinks, to be prepared in a small 30 ml glass, the rum and pear shots will do just fine. Definitely more pleasant than the previous one, both chromatically and in terms of taste. Italienne is also a decidedly alcoholic cocktail, you will need only three ingredients to prepare it: strawberry syrup, vodka and obviously absinthe. Poured delicately with this order, they will chromatically compose the Italian flag.

To drink with the straw positioned on the bottom, starting, then with the strawberry that sweetens the palate which will then be "slapped" by the vodka and stunned by theAbsinthe.

The circle of the damned

Another authentic bomb, not surprisingly part of ours ranking of the most powerful alcoholic cockthals.

"The circle of the damned" is a cocktail consisting of a "concoction" based on the most widely used spirits for mixing with a particular focus on absinthe that prevails over other liqueurs.

The ingredients are absinthe, vodka, gin, Galliano liqueur, tequila and white rum. All to be added in a single glass of about 10 cl and to be drunk in a single sip. The "response" will be decidedly violent, you are warned.

We absolutely do not want to encourage the consumption of these authentic "alcohol bombs", we like them more light cocktails, but if you still want to try to replicate one of these deadly cocktails at home, we strongly suggest that you don't drive after drinking them. If to make them, you need theAbsinthe, you can buy it online on our shop at a really good price.

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