Best Australian beers

Information on Australian beers

Australia is a very brewing country with a lot of experience in the sector. Beer is already part of its culture.

At ForBeerLovers we want to give you all the information about beer in Australia so that you can learn more about its history and which beers are the most popular and consumed globally.

Australia's 10 Best Beers

Extra black beer from Coopers Brewery Ltd

Best Australian beers

Origin : Coopers Brewery Ltd, the largest of all independently owned breweries in Australia, has been in business since 1862. It was founded by Thomas Cooper, Coopers Brewery.

Alcohol content: 6.3 proof

Pairing: It combines perfectly with intense flavored meats and bitter chocolate desserts.

Little Creatures Pale Ale

Best Australian beers

Origin : This beer is brewed by the Little Creatures Brewing Company located in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Graduation : It has a graduation of 5.2%

Pairing: It combines perfectly with meats, cheeses and pizza.

Sheaf Stout

Best Australian beers

Origin: This beer is brewed by Carlton Brewery and United Breweries, Ltd. located in Melbourne, Victoria.

Alcohol content: 5,7º.

Extra Strength Vintage Beer from Coopers Brewery Ltd

Best Australian beers

Origin: Produced by the Australian brewery Coopers Brewery Ltd. The taste of this beer is very similar to an English Strong Ale.

Alcohol content: It has an alcohol content of 7.5º.

Hop Hog

Best Australian beers

Origin: Hop Hog is a beer brewed by the Australian brewery Feral Brewing Co.

Alcoholic content: It has an alcoholic content of 5.8

Pirate Life IPA by Pirate Life Brewery

Best Australian beers

Origin: These beers are brewed by the Pirate Life Brewery. The Pirate Life is very similar to a Western European Lager. It achieves an almost perfect balance between the ingredients.

Alcohol content: 8.8%.

Modus Operandi Former tenant

Best Australian beers

Origin: Old Tenant Modus Operandi is a beer brewed by the Australian Modus Operandi Brewing Co.

Alcohol content: 7.8%.

Victoria Bitter

Best Australian beers

Origin: This is a beer from the Australian brewery Carlton & United Breweries. It has been the best selling beer in Australia for the last two decades and continues to be so

Graduation: 4.9


Origin: The XXXX is Queensland's flagship beer brewed by Castlemaine Perkins in Brisbane.

Alcohol content: 3.5%.

Pirate Life Brewing Pale Ale

Best Australian beers

Origin: The Pale Ale is another well-known brand of beer from the house of Pirate Life Brewing. It has a distinctive amber color.

Alcohol content: 5.4%.

History of beer in Australia

Beer came to Australia at the beginning of British colonization. Lager is, as you well know, a type of beer. This is the most popular type of beer in Australia and the most consumed. The oldest brewery still in operation is Cascade Brewery , established in Tasmania in 1824. The largest Australian owned brewery is Coopers Brewery , family owned Beer in Australia.

The history of Australian beer begins very early in Australia's colonial history. Captain James Cook brought beer with him on his ship Beer in Australia.

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